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1.Manuel Mariquit, Jr (Onio)April 2008

1.Gerry MariquitNov 2005

1.2005 GraduatesJune-2005

1aa.Blonde AmbitionSummer-2004

1b.Timmy ColantaSpring-2004

1c.Eric Cano GraduatesAug-2003

1.Hermie's Digital PicturesAug-2003

1.New Kid in the blockAug-2003

1.Quality PicturesAug-2003

1.Timmy Cotaco Colanta-TKD State Champion-2003

2. Rannie Rose Cotaco Teodoro- Valedictorian

3. Nheeda & Melissa Cotaco Enriquez Graduate 1999

3. The Mariquit Family

3. Old Family Photos





In the beginning there were 10 girls

Now there are hundred apos

Can you name each of us?


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At last, the world's first Cotaco's Family Page......

100 years ago Dr Jose Rizal wrote:

"Morrir es descansar" (to die is to rest)

He must be referring to our Lolo 1996

In 1997 Another Jose was born.. Jose Cotaco Cornelio

133 years ago Andres Bonifacio, the great Plebian was born

100 yers ago he died in our struggle for independence.

The Cotaco brought another "Andres" to the world....

Tim Andres Cotaco Colanta.


Today Pres Ramos honors the town of Bocaue where the COTACO came from

From: Philippine News Agency

Subject: nn: April 11 declared special day in Bocaue

MANILA, April 9 (PNA) -- President Fidel V. Ramos declared Friday, April 11, 1997, as a special day in Bocaue, Bulacan.

April 11, 1997 marks the Foundation Day of the town of Bocaue "as established by oral tradition and confirmed by the National Historical Institute."

April 11 marks also the birthday of the famous beauty who hailed from Bocaue.. Imelda Cotaco.(The Jamie Lee Curtis of the Philippines)

In Proclamation No. 988, the President said the people of Bocaue should be given full opportunity to celebrate this event with appropriate ceremonies. (PNA) SS/OPS/ ecp

PNA 04091504

The 1997 Santa Cruzan in Jersey City...

Rain or Shine

Photo by Rey Mariquit

Please E-mail Veronica Cotaco Teodoro...dahil wala daw man siyan natatangap na E-mail. Kawawa naman siya.

Sherry has E-mail ID now:

According to Rommel,,, Sherry now will be able to get some E-mail increasing her chance of finding a boy friend. She then will be able to make her contribution in producing more APO's..